Key Lime Pie

27Feb By John H.

[key lime pie mead] Winner of the 2014 Jacksonville Green Lion festival and the 2015 Jacksonville Gastrofest Judges Favorite grand prize brewing competitions, our signature Key Lime Pie Mead is dessert in a bottle. Made with locally sourced and hand pressed Key Limes, locally harvested honey and the finest spices, this bright and delightful dessert mead is a true southern treat. With notes of graham cracker crust and warm meringue, let our Key Lime Pie Mead find it’s way into your glass. Pairing well with fresh East Coast seafood dishes, Caribbean flavor profiles, [Green lion winner] our Key Lime Pie Mead can play well with your next dinner party or stand up all on it’s own as a nightcap on a warm summer’s day. At 10.5% ABV, please enjoy this honey wine responsibly. We’re working hard to bring our signature meads to a retail location near you. If you are interested in helping Harris Meads bring it’s award winning meads to your table, please let us know by filling out the comments section on our main page. Please subscribe to our website and our social media links to find out where we will be featuring our fine products next.