R&R Beverage is a dedicated distributor of exceptional hand-crafted beers, ciders, and spirits.

At R&R Beverage we carefully select honest, hard-working producer partners.  These partners each have an original story, a unique genuine high-quality craft beverage with style and character that evokes a sense of place while maintaining respect for traditions.  We are craft brand builders, not brand collectors. We aim to establish and grow brands organically throughout Georgia, from a local micro-operation, to regional production breweries. Quality is what lies at the heart of what we do!  

Our mission is to meet the growing demand for world class hand-crafted beers, ciders, and spirits throughout our home state of Georgia.  We aim to protect, promote, and deliver the quality of our brands by following four basic principles:

1) Maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with both brewers and retailers

2) Ensuring environmental control for all products, from brewery to consumer

3) Specialized promotions with an emphasis on education

4) Strongly regarded customer service on all levels